Technology Verticals

The Data Foundation creates, curates, hosts and provides services centred around the data. Focus of this activity will be on the foundation’s interaction with domain experts.

On going Projects under Data Foundation

Sl No Project Name TRL Level
1 Data Foundation Web site TRL 8
2 ML Challenges Platform TRL 6
3 Dynamic Data Ingestion TRL 6
4 Image/Medical Annotation Tool(s) TRL 2
5 UDP Data Transfer Tool TRL 4
6 Upload/Download Manager TRL 4
7 DCloud - An AI Cloud Platform for Data Foundation TRL 4
8 DNotebook - A Notebook Platform for Data Foundation TRL 4
9 MinIO Object Search Tool TRL 4
10 Histopathology Viewer TRL 4
11 Sleep EEG Prediction Tool TRL 4
12 Relational Data Anonymization Tool TRL 4
13 Genome Data Compression TRL 4
14 Image Text Annotation TRL 4
15 Data Analytics Challenge Platform TRL 4

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Another major focus of the Hub is to initiate research and projects that lead to technologies demanded by the society around. A number of short-, medium- and long-term projects will be planned and executed. Formal framework for project selection and management will be aligned with the models followed by other hubs and DST. The budget available for this will be also available for external collaborators and researchers within India.

On going Projects under Technology Development & Applied Research

  • Integrated System for Road Quality Monitoring using Multi Sensor Fusion Mechanism
  • Low-cost electronic system for accident detection in two wheelers
  • Identification of Salient Structural Elements in Buildings: A Pilot stuy for "Drone based infrastructure assesment"
  • Applied Computer Vision for Mobility
  • Machine Learning for Mobility

One of the primary objectives of TIH-Data is to transfer of technology. This effort will focus, nurture and help to mature the knowledge available in the research labs to products and services. This involves (i) technology development effort, (ii) translation and productization and (iii) interface and management with the industry and agencies.

Translation Projects

  • Smart Mobility - Population Scale
  • Healthcare - Population Scale

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A route to make impact in the industry is by developing EIRs and incubating startups. TIH-Data has explicit plans in carrying out these through a dedicated effort.

Programs under the Innovations and Startups

  • Technology Business Innovation (TBI)
  • GCC - Grand Challenges & Competitions
  • Promotion and Acceleration of Young and Aspiring technology entrepreneurs (PRAYAS)
  • CPS-Entrepreneur In Residence (EIR)
  • Dedicated Innovation Accelerator (DIAL)
  • CPS-Seed Support System (CPS- SSS)

TIH-Data also aims to make impact in the academic space with fellowships. We propose to have fellowships for (i) PG students, (ii) PhD students, (iii) Postdocs, (iv) Faculty Fellowships and (v) Faculty chairs. Costing for the fellowship is done based on the guidelines provided in the DPR published by the National Mission on Interdisciplinary Cyber-Physical Systems (NM-ICPS).

Various ventures of Human Resource Development are

  • Visitors and Programs
    • Summer School
    • Foundations of Modern Machine Learning
    • Fellowships



Mobility at IHub-Data aims to solve problems on Indian roads & driving conditions using data-driven technologies. Our plan is to use techniques from machine learning, computer vision, computer graphics, computational sensing and allied areas to create situations and aid transfer of solutions across diverse practical situations that one could anticipate across Indian roads.

  • Enabling Data Driven Mobility Solutions for Indian Roads
  • Reduction of Fatality on Indian Roads
  • Technologies for Two-Wheeler Safety in India
  • Scalable Road Infrastructure Inspection

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Healthcare at iHub-Data aspires to foster a culture of AI research where technology advancements are intertwined with the societal impacts at population scale health and well-being.

Here are the highlights on the multidisciplinary focus areas that help people to respond thoughtfully and pursue innovative research, create societally useful problem statements, and develop responsible AI solutions in healthcare.

  • Cancer Diagnostics
  • Data Driven Drug Discovery
  • Neuro-Mental Health
  • Public Health

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Other Focus Areas

  • Buildings
  • Systems
  • India Specific Research


Educational Programs

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