iHub-Data, a Technology Innovation Hub for Data Banks, Data Services and Data Analytics (TIH-Data), established by IIIT Hyderabad, primarily aims to coordinate, integrate and amplify the research in the larger areas of Data Banks, Data Services and Data Analytics under the National Mission on Interdisciplinary Cyber-Physical Systems (NM-ICPS) scheme.

iHub-Data has been created as a Section 8 company that manages the Data Foundation, Research & Technology Development, Applied Research & Translation, HRD & Skill Development, Innovation & Start-ups, and the International Collaborations directly.

The Hub helps coordinate, integrate, and amplify basic and applied research in broad Data-Driven Technologies as well as its dissemination and translation across the country.

The Hub will also have an intense emphasis on collaborating with international experts in associated areas. This will include joint research, visiting schemes for international experts, involvement in the processes and problems of the Hub, etc. A series of workshops, conferences, and meetings are also planned to bring global experts in direct contact with the Indian researchers and students in associated areas.

The six major activities promoted by iHub-Data include:

  • Technology Development
  • Data Foundation
  • Applied Research & Translation
  • Human Resource & Skill Development
  • Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Startup Ecosystem
  • International Collaboration


Mission & Vision

iHub-Data will help coordinate and enhance national research and solution development efforts in the Data (Banks, Services and Analytics) areas and take them to the highest global academic standards. Applications towards the betterment of the society around us will have a special focus at the Hub, along with the translation of technologies into viable products and promoting startups based on those technologies.

  • To be a global leader in research outcomes that also impacts our society with the technologies that are translated to local industries and governmental agencies.
  • To play a central role in development and penetration of data-driven technologies by taking a proactive strategy in curating and creating data banks and data services.
  • To catalyse, nurture, and enable the growth of an ecosystem with researchers, technologists, practitioners and entrepreneurs in the area of data-driven solutions to the local problems.

The grand vision for iHub-Data is to become the pre-eminent reference for datasets for AI researchers world-wide and also develop solutions using these datasets to address population scale challenges resulting in wide societal impact.



DIY Neuroscience: BCI/HCI Workshop 2023

Dr. Vishnu Sreekumar (and the Cognitive Science Lab) organized a DIY Neuroscience: BCI/HCI Workshop 2023 with the support of IHub-Data (coordinated by Dr Manasa K) and in collaboration with Upside Down Labs. This one-day DIY Neuroscience workshop was conducted on the IIIT-H campus on 28 January 2023 with an attempt to introduce biopotential signals such as EMG, ECG, EOG & EEG to our students and was guided by the team of five (Mr. Deepak Khatri, Mr. Dikshant Dahiya, Mr. Shivam Khatri, Mr. John Vivek and Ms. Bhawna Sehgal) from Upside Down Labs.

28 January 2023

AI Tool for Diabetes and Hypertension

IIITH researchers in collaboration with WISH Foundation are developing an automated web-based browser that will take critical healthcare decisions on behalf of primary healthcare workers. The project is sponsored by Google under its AI for Social Good program.

February 24, 2022

IIITH To Develop Early Oral Cancer Screening Tool

The automated solution, arising out of a collaborative effort with Grace Cancer Foundation and BioCon Foundation, requires just a smart phone. It aims to flag abnormal oral lesions before they progress into advanced stages of cancer.

January 7, 2022

IIIT Hyderabad’s IHub-Data Fellowships To Fuel Tomorrow’s Growth Story

A coveted fellowship program of iHub-Data from IIIT Hyderabad, part of a DST-funded National Mission aims to create well-honed, future-ready generations of data-leaders and innovators, with a holistic world view of data analytics and big data systems. The grant is available to Bachelors, Masters, PhD, Post-doctoral, Young Faculty & Senior Professionals from institutions across the country, who meet the rigorous selection criteria for research in data-driven technologies.

November 18, 2021

IIITH Contributes To One-Of-Its-Kind Dataset On First-Person Computer Vision

IIITH is the only Indian institute in the global consortium of 13 universities and labs participating in Facebook AI’s ambitious Ego4D project that promises to enable experiences straight out of sci-fi.

October 18, 2021

Move Over Glass Slides. Say Hello To Digital Images: IIITH’s MoU With NIMS To Digitally Disrupt Pathology

With the installation of a digital scanner at Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS) to convert traditional histopathological slides into computerized images, IIIT Hyderabad takes the first step towards the creation of an Indian Pathology Dataset.

October 2, 2021




"DIY Neuroscience:
BCI/HCI Workshop 2023”

Host : Dr. Vishnu Sreekumar
Assistant Professor | Cognitive Science Lab | IIIT Hyderabad

Date: 28 JAN 2023 & Time: 9:30 AM - 5:30PM
Venue: Vindhya A3 - 117

"World Mental Health Day - A Virtual talk on Computational Psychiatry”

Speaker : Dr. Quentin Huys
Clinical Associate Professor, UNIVERSITY OF LONDON

Date: 10 Oct 2022 & Time: 8:30 AM GMT
Venue: Microsoft Teams
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"BIOLOGY IS EATING THE WORLD & AI IS EATING BIOLOGY - Into the world of Exa scale computing & Beyond”

Speaker : Bharat Kaul
Director, Intel Labs/Parallel Computing Labs (India).

Date: 29 April 2022 & Time: 3:30 PM
Online Platform: Microsoft Teams

Towards Faster and Better Drug Discovery using Artificial Intelligence

Speaker : Arijit Roy
TCS Research (Life Sciences Division),
Tata Consultancy Services Limited, Hyderabad

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Goa City – Road Quality Preliminary Analysis

Goa Road Quality Analysis : The goal of this project is to:

  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of creating an estimate the road surface quality with a low-cost solution,
  • Create an asset report and associated visualizations that administrators can use, at a city scale
Partners in PoC : From Arundati Foundation - Mr. Sanjay and IIIT Hyderabad

PoC Outcome report
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