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Support for Conference on Data-driven Technologies

iHub-Data invites proposals from coordinators of premier conferences to be held in India in 2023-24. The conference could be national/international with the main theme involving data-driven technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning or deep learning. The host institute or university should be a top rated institute in India. Funding of upto Rs 1 lakh rupees may be granted for conducing top-notch conferences.

The conference should basically be on publishing research proceedings in the domains centered around data-driven technologies, and mostly pertaining to problems specific to Indian conditions. The duration of the conference should ideally be three days or less and should preferably be organised at the premises of the host institute/university.All major common events of the conference should be streamed live and the contents should be available permanently on public media platforms. Details of publisher and links to publications should be made available in the conference website, which should be linked to institute’s/university’s web server.

If the proposal is approved by iHub-Data, funds would be released within a month’s time of completion of the Conference. Details of income/expenditure statements for the conference and other sources of funding should be made available on the conference website. iHub-Data would make available speakers for the event, from its pool of faculty, if such services are sought for. A prime slot for iHub-Data, IIITH not exceeding 30min would be needed to disseminate the objectives, goals and operations of the Hub towards promoting excellence in academic research.

Please apply online.

Once the online application is completed, please send a proposal for the conference in PDF format separately to fathimath.rifna[at]

The proposal must include the following information:

▪ Title for the proposed conference

* Details of Committees and their composition

* Details of Publisher

* Duration

▪ Scope/topic for the proposed Conference

* Themes/Sub Themes for Conference

* Expected number of Participants/Authors

▪ Name, affiliation, and email address of the organizer/moderator and of proposed speakers

▪ Brief biography of the organizer/moderator

Please do not indulge in canvassing in any form, nor initiate any unsolicited communication. This may reduce the chances of being selected.