Two-week Executive Training Program on AIML

As part of a joint collaboration with DRDO, IIIT Hyderabad and iHub-Data a short term executive training program for the junior and mid-level scientists of DRDO is expected to be commissioned in early 2023. The program aims at providing a brief theoretical overview of contemporary problem-solving paradigm involving AIML techniques and enabling practice in terms of (i) use of AIML tools/libraries (ii) use of public resources (datasets, trained models), and (iii) systematic training of ML models and their evaluation.

The brief program would also explore and map vital gaps in formulating, implementing or evaluating problem-statements pertaining to AIML research/production environments, help the scientists familiarise with differing state of the art results that could be of practical help in formulating and solving original problems in DRDO, with special focus on computer vision, language and speech processing. In the long run the program envisages capacity building efforts within DRDO to undertake such activities.

An early expression of interest has been set in motion between DRDO and IIIT Hyderabad to facilitate commissioning of the program.

IIIT Team would be led by Prof CV Jawahar.

Course Instructors:

Anoop Namboodiri, Manish Srivastava,

Vineet Gandhi, Ravi Kiran S

Anil Vuppala, Girish Varma,

Charu Sharma, Chiranjeevi Yarra,

Karthik Vaidyanthan, CK Raju

Teaching Assistants:

Srinath Nair, Dolton Fernandes,

Amogh Tiwari, Sambhav Solanki,

M Sridhar