Two-week Executive Training Program on AIML

IIIT Hyderabad is preparing to launch two-week executive training program to assist the R&D efforts of public sector undertakings in India. The program would aim at extending a brief theoretical overview of contemporary problem-solving paradigm involving AIML techniques and enabling practice in terms of (i) use of AIML tools/libraries (ii) use of public resources (datasets, trained models), and (iii) systematic training of ML models and their evaluation.

The brief program would also explore and map vital gaps in formulating, implementing or evaluating problem-statements pertaining to AIML research/production environments, help the research engineers/scientists familiarise with differing state of the art results that could be of practical help in formulating and solving original problems in their specific domain of work, with added focus on computer vision and natural language processing. In the long run the program envisages capacity building efforts within each such public sector undertaking to execute such training activities on their own.

Heads of R&D divisions from leading PSUs in India, who are interested to train their engineers with leading state-of-the-art technical know-how and transfer-of-technology, are requested to drop an email to[at] or call 040 6653 1787.

PS: The training sessions would have technical classes covering extensive practical insights, and dedicated hands-on tutorial sessions too. Around 20% of the contents would be earmarked for PSU-specific training requirements.