Minor Degree in Modern Machine Learning

Autonomous Institutes or Deemed to-be Universities offering undergraduate programs in engineering/technology and willing to establish formal relationship with IIIT Hyderabad for the purpose of offering value-added complimentary degree programs, designed and curated by IIIT Hyderabad, are welcome to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The aim of this program is primarily to cooperate and work together towards achieving academic excellence through capacity building efforts in AI/ML domains. Institutes with accredited programs are also encouraged to enter into this MoU.

Designed to be different from other existing AI/ML programs, this program runs parallel to ongoing UG engineering program, would be administered at the host institute, and is open to students from all eligible branches.

Administering the course at institute level would require young faculty members from CSE, ECE and Mathematics background – to volunteer as mentors. The mentors would also learn and explain concepts to students on the fly.

One of the main objectives of this academic MoU would be to offer and support an undergraduate technology complimentary 20-credit program leading to B Tech (minor) in Modern Machine Learning to UG engineering students. The aim also includes augmenting the capabilities of problem solving and research of UG students with intensive hands-on training, using case studies. Services of Teaching Assistants from IIITH would be extended to all institutes, for imparting skill-based training on tutorials. Building up of a strong and vibrant faculty-base in India is also high on the agenda, in order to facilitate more collaborative research programs in future.

The duration of an MoU would remain valid for a period of four academic years from the year of entering into the agreement. The last date for informing consent for the block period of 2023-2027 ends on 31 January 2023. Institutes should get the necessary approval from their respective Academic Bodies/Board of Studies for offering the Minor Program before March 2023.

The agreement doesn’t carry any additional cost. The fee for a student is tentatively fixed to be at Rs 12,000. The technical institute entering into the agreement is free to fix the upper ceiling for this semester fee, that would include its share for administering the program and its evaluation thereof.

Institutes/Universities who are willing to participate in this program are requested to download the MoU document, get its content typed out on a non-judicial stamp paper (Rs 200 denomination), have it signed by Principal/Director/Authorised signatory of the institute/university and send it to us for completing the formalities. Last date for receipt of signed copy of MoU is 28 February 2023.

The mailing address is:

Prof U Deva Priyakumar,

Academic Director, iHub-Data,

IIIT Hyderabad

PIN 500 032

Please provide us with the tracking id of courier by sending an email to fathimath.rifna[at]

Draft Syllabus for the Minor Program : (Download)

Draft MoU for the Institute : (Download)

For queries, please call : 040 6653 1789