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Machine Learning has diffused into almost all walks of our life and promises to engage us more intensively in years to come. Knowledge of machine learning will soon be an imperative, if one is determined to engage technology as a profession. Technology innovation hub of IIIT Hyderabad (iHub-Data) has strong research programs in machine learning, image processing, computer vision, robotics, natural language processing, pattern recognition and speech processing, and is pleased to announce a 36-week foundation program in machine learning for aspiring engineering students across India, slated to commence in January 2022.

Latest Update:
The process of registration for January batch has ended. Preparatory Sessions for FMML January batch commence from 03 January 2022 onwards. If you have registered and have missed the invitation, please write to us immediately.

Who can participate?

  • Students pursuing 4-year UG program in CSE/IT/EEE/ECE or any allied streams
  • Students should be Indian residents

What makes this program unique?

  • 36-week certificate program in Foundations of Modern Machine Learning
  • Equivalent to a typical 4 credit course as per UGC/AICTE norms
  • Live online lectures and hands-on sessions with personalised learning experience
  • Equal focus on foundation and practices
  • Discussions with eminent professionals

What is the qualifying criteria?

  • Strong interest to learn Machine Learning fundamentals
  • Keen programming interest in Python/Colab
  • Have a basic understanding of Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics

Course Fees

  • Rs 10,000/- (Rupees ten thousand only, inclusive of all taxes)
  • Few scholarships are available for deserving students

Scholarships for Girl-Students

iHub-Data, IIIT Hyderabad is pleased to announce Women-Education Promotion Scholarships (upto 50% of registration fee).

Eligibility criteria for iHub-Data Women Education Promotion Scholarship are as follows:

  • Gender of participant - Female
  • Education - Student undergoing UG program in Engineering

If you meet both these criteria, please register for FMML-2022 by paying Rs 5000/- (Rupees five thousand only).

Do write to to get more clarification, if needed. Undergraduate engineering girl-students who have paid fees in full (Rs 10,000), are advised to write to us, in order to reclaim excess fee paid.

Important Dates to remember

  • Last Date of Registration : 31 December 2021
  • Preparatory Module (from) : 03 January 2022
  • Regular Sessions (from) : 08 January 2022



team member
C. V. Jawahar
IIIT Hyderabad
team member
Anoop M. Namboodiri
IIIT Hyderabad
team member
Ravi Kiran Sarvadevabhatla
IIIT Hyderabad

Course Mentors


team member
Aryamaan Jain
Hi, I am a research student at the Center for Visual Information Technology, IIIT Hyderabad. I am currently working on computer graphics, computer vision and deep learning applications related to virtual terrain generation.
team member
Akshit Garg
Hello! I am a research student at the Center for Computational Natural Science and Bioinformatics, IIIT Hyderabad. My work primarily involves using Machine learning and Deep Learning models to solve tasks pertaining to the Healthcare domain, ranging from COVID-19 Mortality Prediction to ECG signal synthesis.
team member
Shantanu Agrawal
I am a undergraduate research student at Cognitive Sciences Lab, IIIT Hyderabad. My work mainly involves data analysis and Hypothesis testing based on behavioral science problems related to Trust level prediction and verifying the results on gaming paradigms. Apart from this, I am highly interested in Image Processing and Computer Vision and applications of ML/DL in the field.
team member
Guru Ravi Shankar
Hello! I am a research student at the Cognitive Science Lab, IIIT Hyderabad. I work on problems related to Lyrics Information Retrieval involving Natural Language Processing. I am currently working on the music emotion recognition for Indian language songs.
team member
Jashn Arora
Hello! I am a research student at the Cognitive Science lab, IIIT Hyderabad. My work involves using Machine Learning and Deep Learning based Language Model for Brain Decoding and Encoding.
team member
Amit Pandey
Hey! I am a Data Science Researcher working with Prof. Vikram Pudi at the Data Sciences and Analytics Center, KCIS-IIIT Hyderabad.As a researcher with a passion for entrepreneurship, my interests include Statistical Al, Applied Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing & Understanding, Computer Vision, and Business Intelligence.
team member
Shreeya Pahune
Hello! I am a 4th year research student at Centre for Computational Natural Sciences and Bioinformatics, IIIT Hyderabad. My research involves working on applying Machine Learning and Statistical methods for Cancer predictions.
team member
Tanvi Kamble
Hello! I am a research student at Language Technologies Research Centre at IIIT Hyderabad. My interests lie in Natural Language Processing and am currently working on an event-related TimeBank Project.
team member
Vinay Kumar Tadepalli
Hello! I am an undergraduate research student at the Language Technologies Research Centre, IIIT Hyderabad. My work includes using different deep learning architectures to solve language processing problems. I am currently working on generating abstractive summaries of text articles.
team member
Sajal Khandelwal
Hello! I am a research student at the Center for VLSI and Embedded Systems Technologies (CVEST) lab, IIIT Hyderabad. My work involves using Machine Learning based analysis of spectral data of various bio-samples.


This 36-week course will discuss in detail, important contemporary topics in machine learning through video lectures, laboratory experiments and projects. The broad contours of modern machine learning will include the following topics:

  • Representation and Learning
  • Appreciating and Interpreting Data
  • Classification and Popular Classifiers
  • Experimentation Methods and Probabilistic Methods
  • Unsupervised Learning, Regression,
  • Neural Networks, Deep Neural Networks, etc.

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