Focus Areas


The area of mobility, both of personnel and goods experience quite a few hiccups even today. These hiccups can be solved by data-driven technologies. Data has its role to play in optimizing the whole process of transportation. A few applications of research in mobility include

  • Driver assistance systems
  • Road / infra mapping
  • Road safety
  • Resource optimization
  • Technology for surveillance and so on


Healthcare is another industry that can improve its processes with the help of data. Data can be used to assist the industry in diagnosis, prescription, success rate prediction etc. Application areas include

  • Image diagnosis
  • New diagnosis protocols
  • Disease prognosis using wearables
  • Decision support systems
  • Drug design
  • Proactive public health and so on

Smart Buildings

Buildings are a huge aspect of human life - they provide us shelter and are an indispensable part of our lives. Since they are such an essential thing, data can be leveraged to make smarter decisions regarding construction and maintenance of buildings. Applications of data-driven technologies in smart buildings include

  • building design
  • smart sensors
  • fault detection and diagnosis
  • Building operations
  • Energy efficiency and so on


The recent decades have seen an explosion in personal technologies. Social media, personal GPS machines, Internet applications, etc., generate huge amounts of data that are processed and then used to deliver more customised services over the internet. Here, the critical processes that use data as a base include

  • Edge computing
  • Cloud computing
  • Storage structures
  • Data mining and Analytical Frameworks
  • Data systems and so on

India Specific Research Initiatives

Data driven research could transform India’s backbone industries. Even though the end user might not be using data for performing those operations, data could be used to make certain SOPs. These could then be disseminated for wide use. Such India-centric initiatives are in the fields of

  • Infectious diseases like Malaria, TB, etc.
  • Image datasets from Indian patients
  • Agriculture
  • Disaster management
  • Disaster resilience and so on