Call for Project Proposals in Multi-Disciplinary Dataset Repositories

IHub-Data Call for Project Proposals for Translational Research in Building, Hosting, Securing and Analyzing Multi-Disciplinary Dataset Repositories (Closing Dt: 31st August 2023)


Effective and timely data-driven decision-making is essential for countries to respond to complex development agenda and achieve critical outcomes aimed to improve lives, transform economies, and help end poverty. Technology Innovation Hub for Data Banks, Data Services and Data Analytics (IHub-Data) is established at IIIT Hyderabad under the National Mission on Interdisciplinary Cyber-Physical Systems (NM-ICPS) scheme. The Data Foundation hosted at IIIT Hyderabad under this mission aims to be a repository of datasets to trigger research and applications across several vertical domains, along with the technology-platform, infrastructure and associated manpower.

IHub-Data is seeking proposals for translational research projects in the field of Building, Hosting, Securing and Analyzing Multi-Disciplinary Dataset Repositories. The goal of this call is to support technology development for dataset repositories, aimed at data-driven decision-making, and research leading to such development. The goal is to develop generic methodologies, concepts and technologies for dataset repositories that are usable across domains, while demonstrating their effectiveness in one or more disciplines.

Broad problem areas include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Data ingestion, curation and annotation, for high volume, velocity and/or variety of data
  • Languages, toolkits and machine learning for data ingestion, curation and annotation
  • Effective management of teams/crowd for data-related tasks
  • Methods to identify and ensure data quality
  • Data augmentation and generating good quality synthetic datasets
  • Privacy, anonymization, security, ownership and protection of data in repositories
  • Bais, fairness and ethics in datasets and data science algorithms
  • Data science / data mining algorithms on large / distributed / federated dataset repositories
  • Heterogeneous data models, query models and database engine optimization for scalable, multi-tenant dataset repositories
  • Versioning, data lineage, dashboards, reporting and visualization in dataset repositories
  • Software architectures for data storage, sharing and collaboration across dataset repositories (distributed / federated repositories)
  • Hardware for data processing in dataset repositories
  • Special needs of dataset repositories in broad domains (such as health, agriculture, etc.)

The proposal should focus on research and development in translational technology that can be incorporated in dataset repositories. We are specifically interested in projects that fall within the technology readiness levels (TRL) range fromĀ TRL3 to TRL7 (For explanation of TRLs, please see, for example, ). TRLs are on a standardized scale that is widely used to assess the maturity of a technology. It ranges from TRL 1, which is basic research, to TRL 9, which is the commercialization of the technology. The TRL3 to TRL5 represent the research stage, where the proof of concept of the technology and its feasibility are evaluated. TRL6 to TRL7 represent the development stage, where the technology is validated and matured through prototypes, and testing in the environment.

We encourage PIs who are keen in both research and development, and research leading to development, from one or more institutes to come together and submit proposals.


  • To get funding support for translatable research work
  • To develop your lab prototype into a possible Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • To see the impact of your research in building a large system
  • To spin off a startup from the outcomes of your translational research
  • To have access to AI and data-science academic experts, incubation, and innovation ecosystem at IIIT-H
  • Research teams for solving real-world problems


IHub-Data seeks proposals from you, get them reviewed by an expert team, and invite shortlisted teams to present their ideas to our expert team before selecting for funding.

  • Project duration: 1 year
  • Funding limits: 10 to 15 lakhs
  • Application deadline: Mon 31stAugust 2023, 11:59 PM


  • Translational Research (TRL 3 to TRL 7) leading to a system prototype
  • Developed prototypes or products must be quickly deployable
  • Prototypes, products and publications
  • Working model, hardware/clean source code, and complete documentation

The key activity to be conducted as part of this CFP must be on Translational Research. It is expected that at the close of the project, well-documented design, methods, results, and well-documented clean code is submitted to I-Hub. In case of any hardware device development, complete list of components used, and their connectivity should be clearly mentioned for the reproducibility of the products. IHub-funding should be acknowledged appropriately in demos and publications. On successful completion at the end of one year, few promising projects would be considered for additional funding over another year.


The detailed project proposal should clearly outline the following in sections such as problem, solution, data, impact, the potential for commercialization, resources, timelines, budget, and biodata of PIs in the online form. PIs should be ready to demonstrate the lab prototype in their presentation if shortlisted for presentation.

Research Proposal Template

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Sannareddy Sravani

Project Coordinator